5 Pros of Bad Credit Mobile Phones


Getting a phone contract when you have a bad credit score is next to impossible in the UK. Most providers are likely to reject your application because you repeat history and default on your account or delay your payments all the time. But of course, we all know that’s not always the case for everyone with bad credit. This is why we are offering bad credit phones specific for mobile users like you. If you’re planning apply for a bad credit mobile phones, here are some of the pros you can enjoy:

Ultra Fast Approval

Approval is pretty fast for bad credit mobile phones. If you apply today and your requirements are completed and ready, you can get approved in as fast as within 24 hours. Your provider will give you a call, confirm approval and ship your handset to your billing address.

Minimum Requirements

The requirements are also minimal when you opt for a bad credit phone. In most cases, you’ll just need to prove you have steady income per month to get approved fast. Naturally, you’ll need to be of legal age and a UK resident to be eligible for this type of phone contract deal.

Great Handset Selection

You may not have access to high-end phones but the handset choices are vast and varied as well. You can pick your handset from a wide selection of budget and mid-range models across different mobile phone brands.


Bundle Plan Offers

In addition to your handset, another aspect of the package that’s luring mobile users is the bundle plan. The plan includes allowances for your phone services. Provided that you chose the right plan, you have the potential to enjoy huge savings on your phone bill throughout the 24-month term for your phone contract. The trick is to pick the right bundle plan to put you at an advantage.

No Credit Check

But the best part about bad credit phones is the no credit check policy. We don’t run credit checks on applicants, which means faster approval and 99% chances of approval. With bad credit phones, your credit score is never a factor when determining your application’s approval. So long as you live in the UK with sufficient monthly income, you can get approved for a phone contract fast. This makes bad credit phones a great alternative to traditional pay-monthly contracts. If major carriers have rejected your application before then bad credit phones are here to save the day.




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