What we know about iPhone 7

Samsung has already released its latest flagship phone earlier this year. Sleeker and better than ever, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has already won over legions of mobile users. In fact, there are expert reviewers dubbing the latest Samsung handset as the best phone to come from the brand yet. Compared with its rival, Apple’s iPhone 6S, there are certain aspects the Galaxy S7 have beaten iPhone. In comparison with Apple’s iPhone 7, however, we will know the verdict come September 2016.

If Samsung has the Galaxy S7, Apple is gearing up for the release of the highly anticipated and much talked about iPhone 7. If you’re one of the millions waiting for the phone to hit the market, here’s everything we know about iPhone 7 so far.

Release Date

Rumors, probabilities and other related news continue to buzz about allowing us a clearer picture of what the iPhone 7 may look like. Earlier leaks suggest the phone may be absent with a headphone jack but recent rumors may prove that to be wrong. In any case, we won’t be seeing the iPhone 7 until late this year. If Apple sticks with tradition, expect to see it in person around September 2016.


Of the many leaks about the iPhone 7’s design, the hottest leaks that drew quite a buzz include rumors of a super slim and water resistant build. Another rumor that stuck is that there’ll be no more antenna lines for the iPhone 7. If iPhone 6S is still a little thick for you then you might want to grab iPhone 7. Reports say it might feature a thickness between 6mm and 6.5mm. iPhone 7 may also have an all-metal design with water resistant features, which if true will make a lot of iPhone users extra happy.


In terms of the phone’s screen, some leaks show a sharper screen. It also features an edge-to-edge display if the rumors are true. With Samsung’s latest handsets featuring a better resolution than its rival iPhones, a big jump in this aspect of the iPhone 7 may not be a surprise. iPhone 7 may sport a glass-on-glass screen making it very possible to look forward to a 4K or QHD display. Another rumor suggests that the upcoming iPhone may also have an LCD backlight.


When it comes to camera, we might not be seeing a lot of changes. Apple already did a major overhaul with the iPhone 6S. From an 8MP camera, iPhone 6S has a new 12MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. It’s likely that Apple will be sticking with the same set of camera pixels for the iPhone. But we can probably hope for some 0-10151-iphone7-lminor tweaks for a better camera performance.


iPhone 6S has mediocre battery life especially in comparison with rival Android phones within similar price range. There are no clear-cut news about iPhone 7’s battery pack yet but if rumors of a slimmer iPhone are true then there’s not much hope for a battery upgrade for the iPhone 7.



iPhone 7 is also believed to launch along with Apple’s upcoming iOS 10. If true, iPhone users can expect to enjoy a huge performance improvement all in all. Aside from the upcoming iOS 10, iPhone 7 may also boast a hexa-core processor, which will basically power up the iPhone’s performance to another level of efficient and satisfying.


At this point, what we mostly know about iPhone are just rumors. Some rumors are likely to be true while some may not be true at all. We’ll just to keep our ears open until September 2016.




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